U-M HomeLab

The University of Michigan HomeLab is a homelike research environment with comprehensive research support provided by the BioSocial Methods Collaborative.

BioSocial Methods Collaborative HomeLab: a researcher observes a girl brushing teethLocated at the Institute for Social Research, the HomeLab offers a a fully functional apartment to facilitate human-centered research in a wide variety of contexts such as:

  • Interpersonal interaction
  • Care-at-home
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Internet of Things
  • Eating and nutrition
  • Self-regulation and behavior
  • Specialized furnishings
  • Interviewer assessment and training

Integrated into the HomeLab is an extensive suite of physiology measurement tools and access to an on-site biospecimen lab.

Technical specifications include:

  • An integrated AV recording system connected with a suite of sensors
  • Dedicated servers for short-term data storage
  • Residential cable, wireless internet and cell service; U-M internet
  • ADA accommodation
  • Color tunable lighting for dawn, day, dusk, or night effect
  • Controlled hot water temperature
  • Flexible furnishing arrangements
  • Humidity control
  • An enclosed HVAC system
  • Functional appliances and plumbing
  • Technology and observation room