Serious Youth Violence and Exposure to Violent Media Project


Principal Investigator: L. Rowell Huesmann; Co-Principal Investigators: Paul Boxer, Brad Bushman, Tom Johnson

Funding Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Project Summary

This project examines the links between the consumption of violent media (television programs, video games, and films) and serious antisocial and aggressive behavior by incarcerated delinquents. Our theoretical model hypothesizes that aggressive delinquents will frequently have histories of long-term exposure to media violence and will have social cognitions supporting aggression that media the effects of the violent media on their later aggressive behavior. Data collection for this project is in progress, and includes detailed interview measures administered to several different samples: 1) Youth incarcerated in state detention facilities; 2) Youth incarcerated in county detention facilities; 3) Adults incarcerated in state prisons; 4) Preschoolers from high-risk communities; and 4) High school students from a variety of communities. Our interviews focus intensively on media habits and antisocial behavioral histories in addition to social-cognitive factors and psychopathology. We also are collecting data on our target participants from parents, teachers, detention facility staff, and criminal record archives. Data collection should be completed in the fall of 2007.