ISR Junior Professional Research scholar Boluwatife Dogari joins RCGD’s BioSocial Methods Collaborative

Bolu DogariANN ARBOR — To prepare for a research career investigating inequality and social interactions, Boluwatife (Bolu) Dogari has joined the Research Center for Group Dynamics (RCGD) as part of this year’s inaugural cohort of Junior Professional Researchers at the Institute for Social Research.

Alicia Carmichael, the Research Process Director for RCGD’s BioSocial Methods Collaborative, and RCGD Director Richard Gonzalez will mentor Dogari through the program that provides world class social science training to recent college graduates.

“RCGD is perfect because it provides an opportunity for me to get involved in different types of biosocial research and learn about different topics,” said Dogari. “I am excited to be part of this brilliant group of people.” 

Dogari is currently working on a co-parenting study in RCGD’s HomeLab, the simulated home environment at the Institute for Social Research. She is also working on a second project investigating diabetes stigma in patient and healthcare provider interactions using a simulated clinical exam room adjacent to HomeLab.

In 2023, Dogari completed degrees in psychology and sociology from Shepherd University, and arrived at RCGD this August with an interest in researching social interactions.

“I want to explore inequality and how that affects the way people interact with each other,” she said. “I am also interested in the socialization process. I want to understand how a child’s background and development influences how they interact with others.”

Carmichael said the JPR program offers essential structure to connect mentors and mentees in relationships that foster growth. “Training the next generation of scholars is more important now than ever,” she said. “We are honored to host Bolu and support her in the next steps in her academic journey.”

Dogari and her cohort in the JPR program will spend the next two years developing strong research skills working with data and collaborating with senior colleagues and project teams. This year’s cohort of six JPR researchers also includes Chiara Affatigato, Birch Chemberlin, Angelica Eagle, Uma Hornish, and Quentin Jenkins, Jr.

Contact: Tevah Platt ([email protected])