Eliminating Mental Health Treatment Disparities among Black Youth: Where is the Evidence?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Michael Lindsey

Associate Professor
University of Maryland

Rates of mental health treatment use Black youth and their families are quite low compared to other ethnic groups. Insurance coverage, alone, does not explain these differences. That is, the variance explained by non-financial factors is far greater than financial factors. The consequences of untreated and ineffectively treated mental health disorders among Black youth are also likely to be significant. The chronicity and burden of many mental health disorders are greater for Black youth, for example, than for other ethnic groups. Dr. Michael Lindsey’s talk will examine factors that influence mental health treatment use for Black youth, and reflect upon the evidence for strategies that best engage Black youth and their families in school- and community-based treatment.

http://rcgd.isr.umich.edu/seminars/Winter2014/Winter14_articles/Lindsey et al (2010)_SocialNetworkInfluences_JAH.pdf
http://rcgd.isr.umich.edu/seminars/Winter2014/Winter14_articles/Final JPB Article (Lindsey, Joe & Nebbitt).pdf

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