Research Center for Group Dynamics


Winter 2004 - Group Dynamics Seminars

Social Science Research Methods:
Progress and Challenges

Hosted by
James House , Daphna Oyserman , and Norbert Schwarz


All seminars are held at 6050 ISR
Refreshments at 3:15 p.m.
Talk begins at 3:30 p.m.


Date Speaker Title
January 26

Michael Borenstein, Ph.D
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Contemporary Issues in Meta-Analysis
February 2 Denise Sekaquaptewa University of Michigan Stereotypic Explanatory Bias as an Implicit Measure of Stereotyping
February 9

Brian Nosek
University of Virginia

The Implicit Association Test and its Variants
February 16 John Reid Oregon
Social Learning Center
Measuring Parents' and Kids' Behaviors i Different Contexts When the Goal is to Change Their Behavior
March 8 Felipe Castro Arizona
Prevention Research Cntr
Cultural Factors in Prevention Research
March 15 Arthur Stone
Diaries and Ecological Momentary Assessment
March 22

Norbert Schwarz
University of Michigan

The Day Recall Method: Gloval and Episodic Reports of Daily Experiences
March 29 Gerald Clore
University of Virginia
Belief and Feeling: An Accessibility Model of Emotional Self-Report
April 5 Gavan Fitzsimon
Duke University
When Asking Questions Changes Behavior
April 11 Tome Fricke
University of Michigan
Making the Social Survey Ethnographic
April 19 Bernd Wittenbrink
University of Chicago
Fast-Sequence Priming Procedures