Research Center for Group Dynamics


Winter 2003 - Group Dynamics Seminars

The Eugene Burnstein Series

In recognition of Gene Burnstein's retirement from the Research Center for Group Dynamics, the Center is sponsoring a special Group Dynamics Seminar Series this term. Gene has invited back a number of his former students!

All seminars are held at 6050 ISR
Refreshments at 3:30 p.m.
Seminar at approximately 3:45 p.m.




January 27

Yaacov Schul
Hebrew University
Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Coping With Potential Deception:
Old Theories and New Evidence

February 3

Rich Gonzalez
Robert Savit
University of Michigan

If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

February 10

Shinobu Kitayama
Kyoto University, Japan

Interpersonal Management of Independence and Interdependence: Self and Social Relationship in the US and Japan.

February 17

Grazyna Wieczorkowska
University of Warsaw

Do You Know What You Want?  When Being Precise Doesn't Pay Off.

March 3

Richard Moreland
University of Pittsburgh

Transactive Memory in Dynamic Organizations

March 10

Amiram Vinokur
University of Michigan

Application of Social Psychological Theories in a Group Intervention for Unemployed Job Seekers

March 17

Yaacov Trope
New York University

Creeping Essentialism in Predicting, Evaluating, and Planning the Future.

March 24 Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks
University of Michigan
The Social Emotional and The Professional: Studies on American Workways
March 31 Chris Crandall
University of Kansas
Perceiving Self-Interest and Maintaining the Status Quo

April 7

Bernd Wittenbrink
University of Chicago

The Automaticy of Social Life