September 27
Dara Greenwood
"Escaping the Self: The Allure and Consequences of Identifying with Idealized Media Characters"
October 4
Pamela Davis Kean
"The Influence of Parent Education and Family Income on Child Achievement: The Indirect Role of Parental Expectations and Home Environment"
October 11

Ayse Uskul

"How to Insult Someone Effectively Across Cultures: Insults as a Means to Unfold the Self"
October 18

Bill von Hippel

"Aging, Inhibition, and Unintended Personality Change"

October 25

Beverly Strassmann

"Effects of Polygyny and Grandmothering on Child Nutrition in Mali"

November 1

Monica Biernat
"Stereotypes and Shifting Standards in Judging Others and the Self"
November 8
Mary Rigdon

"Carrots, Sticks, and the Role of Trust"

November 15
Elizabeth Moje

Examining the Intersections of Youth Literacies, Cultures, and Identities

November 22
Lou Penner

Medical Interactions and the Quality of Health Care

December 6
Linda Liu Hand

Memory and Judgment in Older Adults: When is Older Wiser?

December 13
Jennifer Glass

"Cognitive Potpourri"