Research Center for Group Dynamics



Psychology and Law

Hosted by
Phoebe Ellsworth, Sam Sommers, Richard Gonzalez, and Colleen Seifert

All seminars are held at 6050 ISR
Refreshments at 3:30 p.m.
Seminar at approximately 3:45 p.m.




September 17

OPEN RECEPTION (Introduction to Series)
3:00– 3:30 P.M./ Refreshments at 2:45

September 24

Elizabeth Loftus
University of Washington

Illusions of Memory

October 1

Bette Bottoms
University of Illinois at Chicago

Factors Affecting the Actual and Perceived Accuracy of Children’s Eyewitness Testimony

October 8

Phoebe Ellsworth
University of Michigan

Forces for Changes in Strong Attitudes: The Example of the Death Penalty

October 15

Saul Kassin
Williams College

Social Influences on Police Confessions: Biases in the Pre-Interrogation Interview

October 22

Gary Wells
Iowa State University

Eyewitness Identification: The Relative Judgment Concept for Understanding and Controlling Error

October 29

Samuel Gross
University of Michigan

Decision Making Under Pressure: Miscarriages of Justice in Capital Cases

November 5

Richard Lempert
University of Michigan

Measuring Merit: The Implications of Research on Affirmative Action

November 12

Roy S. Malpass
University of Texas El Paso

Some Interactions with Psychology and Law

November 19

Shari Diamond
Northwestern University

Law School Regarding Juries

December 3

Debra Ann Pools
Central Michigan

University Memory Suggestibility and Social Policy

December 10

Monique Fleming
University of Michigan

When and How Jurors Avoid Bias