University of Michigan Institute for Social Research

Winter 2012 Seminar Series / 426 Thompson Street
Evolution and Extravagant Altruism
Randoph Nesse, Series Organizer

January 09, 2012
C. Athena Aktipis
University of California, San Francisco

Beyond reciprocity and kin selection: Is it ...

February 06, 2012
Lee Dugatkin
University of Louisville

Altruism writ large: Peter Kropotkin and th ...

March 05, 2012
Margaret S. Clark
Yale University

The relational basis of kindness

March 26, 2012
Scott Atran
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris

Sacred and religious imperatives in human c ...

January 23, 2012
Barbara Oakley
Oakland University

Cold-blooded kindness—Insights into patholo ...

February 13, 2012
Ronald Noë
Université de Strasbourg

Multi-agent cooperation: Biological markets ...

March 12, 2012
Richard C. Connor
Univeristy of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Cooperation at sea: Are dolphins more human ...

April 02, 2012
Christopher Boehm
University of Southern California

Free-rider suppression and the evolution of ...

January 30, 2012
Joan Strassmann
Washington University in St. Louis

Why care about microbial altruism?

February 20, 2012
Steven A. Frank
University of California, Irvine

Demography and timescale in social evolutio ...

March 19, 2012
Lou Penner
Wayne State University

Parents helping children; or is it the othe ...

April 09, 2012
Pat Barclay
University of Guelph

Reputation and the evolution of competitive ...

The Group Dynamics Seminar series is considered one of the longest running seminar series in the social sciences. The original intent was for RCGD senior staff to meet together weekly to maintain an integrated theoretical approach to the various research projects underway and to advance theoretical thinking in several areas. Today the seminar series is open to the entire University community and continues to provide an opportunity for researchers, scholars, staff, and students to meet and learn about new theoretical developments as well as ongoing research activities.