Group Dynamics Seminar Series

Winter 2007 Seminar Series

6050 ISR Building

3:30 P.M. - SHARP


Alternatives to Self-Interest: Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Hosted by


Jennifer Crocker, Mary Rigdon and Stephanie Brown

This series is co-sponsored by the Center for Advancing Research and Solutions for Society





January 22

“Independence and Interdependence: Developmental Pathways and Social Behavior”


     Shinobu Kitayama                  and               Heidi Keller

    Dept. of  Psychology                            Dept. of Psychology

     Univ. of Michigan                                Univ. of Osnabruck, Germany



                                                               January 29

                            “Beyond Self-Interest in Relationships and at Work”


     Rowell Huesmann                   and                 Adam Grant

    Dept. of Communication Studies           Ross School

    Dept. of Psychology                               of Business

    Univ. of Michigan                                  Univ. of Michigan



February 5      

“From Egosystem to Ecosystem: Implications for Relationships, Learning, and Well-Being”

Jennifer Crocker

Dept of Psychology

             Univ. of Michigan



 February 12

                  “From the Social Psychology Lab to the Pediatric Oncology Clinic:

Parental Empathic Responses and Children’s Reaction to Painful Cancer Treatments”


       Louis A. Penner, Ph.D

                    Senior Scientist, Communication and Behavioral Oncology Karmanos Cancer Institute

                                    Professor Family Medicine Wayne State University

  Adjunct Research Scientist, RCGD, University of Michigan




February 19   

“Sacrifice, Generosity, and Trust”


                                                                                                                   Paul Zak

Center for Neuroeconomic Studies

Claremont Graduate University



                                                       March 5  

    Group Selection: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior


Stephen Post                              and                             David Sloan Wilson

Depts of Bioethics, Philosophy and Religion                 Dept of Biology

Case Western Reserve Univ.                                        SUNY at Binghamton




             SPECIAL TALK:       

          Thursday, March 8; 4:00 P.M. Michigan Time

      “Norm Enforcement Under Social Discrimination”

Ernst Fehr

Institute for Empirical Research in Economics

 University of Zurich, Switzerland

A 3:30  Reception will preceed the talk




March 19                   

(Co-Sponsored by EHAP)

“Natural Selection, Kinship and Altruism: From Darwin to Hamilton

             Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin

       Professor & Distinguished Univsity Scholar

Department of Biology

           University of Louisville




March 26                   

   How to be an Instrumentalist (And Why You Should)


Kyle Stanford                         and                              Peter Railton

Dept. of Logic and Philosophy of Science                              Department of Philosophy

           Univ. of California at Irvine                                                Univ. of Michigan




April 2

“Individual Differences in Empathy and Altruism for Patients:

Self Report, Psychophysiology, and Brain Imaging Data”


Stephanie Preston

Dept. of Psychology

Univ. of Michigan




April 9                                                                        

"The Invisible Hand: The Origins of Altruism and the End of Economics"


Randolph Nesse                     and                              Peter Ubel

           Depts. Of Psychology and                               Director, Center for Behavioral and

           Psychiatry                                                        Medicine, Dept. of Internal Medicine

           Univ. of Michigan                                            Univ. of Michigan





April 16


“From Selfish Genes to Selfless Behavior: An Alternative to Group Selection Accounts of Sacrifice”


    Stephanie Brown               &             Michael Brown

                                                                          Dept of  Internal Medicine                    Dept of Psychology

                                                                                 Univ. of Michigan                         Pacific Lutheran Univ.