Jan 10        Stephanie Brown: Altruism and social regulation of the stress



Jan 24        Jim Abelson: Psychological Modulation of the Neuroendocrine Stress Axis


Jan 31        Bert Uchino: Physiological processes underlying social support


Feb 7         Greg Miller: Emotions, Immunity, and Disease: Tales from Psychoneuroimmunology


Feb 14        Karen Parker: The Comparative Psychobiology of Attachment Relationships and  Their Disruption


Feb 21        Art Aron: Using FMRI to illuminate relationship processes


Mar 14        Terri Lee: Gendered Behavior: A Role for Hormones and Social Interactions


Mar 21        Alan Fiske: The Sources of Social Motives and Moral Emotions:

  Evidence from Ethnology, Neuropharmacology and Neurology


Mar 28        Paul Zak: To Trust is Human


Apr 4         Sue Carter: Hormonal underpinnings of attachment


Apr 11        Lee Kirpatrick: Attachment, Evolution and the Psychology of Religion


April 18      Peter Ubel: Understanding Adaptation to Chronic Illness with Biosocial Studies of Emotion