University of Michigan Institute for Social Research

Winter 2010 Seminar Series / 6050 ISR Building
Culture, Evolution and the Brain
Shinobu Kitayama, Randolph Nesse, Beverly Strassman and Carolyn Yoon

January 11, 2010
Patricia Greenfield
FPR-UCLA Center for Culture, Brain and Development and Dept of Psychology

"Mirror Neurons: The Ontogeny and Phylogeny ..."

February 08, 2010
Bruce E. Wexler
Yale University

"Biological Foundations of Cultural Evoluti ..."

March 08, 2010
Richard Sosis
University of Connecticut

"Religious Ritual and Coping with Uncertain ..."

March 29, 2010
James K. Rilling
Emory University

"Comparative Higher Primate Neuroimaging: I ..."

January 25, 2010
Henry Harpending
University of Utah

"The Great Divide-The Big Picture"

February 15, 2010
Shinobu Kitayama
University of Michigan

"Ethos of Independence Across Regions in th ..."

March 15, 2010
Lee Cronk
Rutgers University

"Social Norms and Social Behavior: Experime ..."

April 05, 2010
Beverly Strassmann
University of Michigan

Sex, Religion, and the Genetics of Culture

February 01, 2010
Laurie R. Santos
Yale University

"The Evolution of Irrationality: Insights F ..."

February 22, 2010
Mark Thomas
University College London

"Demography and the Origins of Modern Human ..."

March 22, 2010
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D
University of Southern California

"Me, Myself and You: The Psychology and Neu ..."

April 12, 2010
Scott Atron
University of Michigan

Listen to the Devil

The Group Dynamics Seminar series is considered one of the longest running seminar series in the social sciences. The original intent was for RCGD senior staff to meet together weekly to maintain an integrated theoretical approach to the various research projects underway and to advance theoretical thinking in several areas. Today the seminar series is open to the entire University community and continues to provide an opportunity for researchers, scholars, staff, and students to meet and learn about new theoretical developments as well as ongoing research activities.