Research Center for Group Dynamics


RCGD Seminars

Winter 2018 - "Fact and Communication in a Post-Truth World"

Organized by David Dunning

Fall 2017 - "Stigma, Discrimination, and Health"

Organized by Louis Penner and Allison Earl

Winter 2017 - "New Directions in Social Psychology"

Organized by Ethan Kross and Richard Gonzalez

Fall 2016 - "Understanding Barriers to and Solutions for Improved Intergroup Relations"

Organized by Muniba Saleem and Arnold Ho

Winter 2016 - "Health in Context: New Perspectives on Healthy Thinking and Healthy Living"

Organized by Allison Earl

Fall 2015 - "Psychological Mechanisms for Regulating the Self and Social Group"

Organized by Joshua Ackerman

Winter 2015 - "BioSocial Methods"

Organized by Richard Gonzalez

Fall 2014 - "Social Psychology in the Era of Social Media"

Hosted by Scott Campbell, Communication Studies
with Jerome Johnston, Ethan Kross, and Oscar Ybarra

Winter 2014 - "New Science on Race, Discrimination and the Social Lives of Black Americans"

Hosted by Sean Joe

Fall 2013 - "A Social Science Perspective on Aggression and Violence: Causes and Prevention"

Organized by Eric Dubow and Rowell Huesmann

Winter 2013 - "Social Class: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Health and Well-being"

Hosted by Shinobu Kitayama and Israel Liberzon

Fall 2012 - "Persuasion, Attitude and Behavior Change" Hosted by Sonya Dal Cin and Emily Falk

Winter 2012 - "Evolution and Extravagant Altruism" Organized by Randolph Nesse

Fall 2011 - "Embodiment and Metaphors in Social Life: Their Influence on Cognition, Affect, and Behavior" Organized by Norbert Schwarz & Spike W. S. Lee

Winter 2011 - "Emotion" Organized by Sara Konrath and Phoebe Ellsworth

Fall 2010 - "Social Cognitive Development Across the Lifespan"Organized by Pamela Davis-Kean

Winter 2010 - "Culture, Evolution and the Brain" Co-Sponsored with EHAP/Organized by Shinobu Kitayama, Randolph Nesse, Beverly Strassman and Carolyn Yoon

Fall 2009 - "Interpersonal Relationships" Organized and hosted by Amy Canevello and Jacqui Smith

Winter 2009 - "Self Control" Co-Sponsored with EHAP/Organized by Brad Bushman

Fall 2008 - "Social Dynamics" Organized by Richard Gonzalez

Winter 2008 - "Cultural Neuroscience" Co-Sponsored with the Culture and Cognition Program/Organized by Shinobu Kitayama

Fall 2007 - "Intelligence" (This series will begin at 3:00 P.M. in room 6050)
Organized by Richard E. Nisbett/ Co-Sponsored by Culture and Cognation

Winter 2007 - "Alternatives to Self-Interest: Interdisciplinary Perspectives"
Organized by Jennifer Crocker, Mary Rigdon and Stephanie Brown

Fall 2006 - "Experimental Economics"
Organized by Mary Rigdon and Yan Chen

Winter 2006 - "Racism and Racial Discrimination"
Organized by Robert Sellers / Co-sponsored by Psychology and Rackham

Fall 2005 - "Violence and Aggression - Underlying Causes and Psychological Processes"
Organized by Rowell Huesmann and Brad Bushman

Winter 2005 - "Social Neuroscience and Human Relationships: How Social Experience Influences the Evolved Brain and Vice Versa"
Organized by Stephanie Brown, Jennifer Glass and Randolph Nesse/ Co-Sponsored by EHAP

Fall 2004 - "Current Interests Among RCGD Faculty"
Hosted by James Jackson

Winter 2004 - "Social Science Research Methods: Progress and Challenges"
Hosted by Daphna Oyserman, Norbert Schwarz and Jim House

Fall 2003 - "Does Self-Esteem Matter?"
Hosted by Jennifer Crocker and Jacquelynne Eccles

Winter 2003 - "The Eugene Burnstein Series"
Hosted by Eugene Burnstein

Fall 2002 - "A Potpourri Series"
Hosted by Various U/M Faculty

Winter 2002 - "The Psychology of Extremism"
Hosted by James S. Jackson , Eugene Burnstein , Jacque Eccles and Rowell Huesmann

Fall 2001 - "Law and Psychology"
Hosted by Phoebe Ellsworth , Colleen Seifert, Richard Gonzalez , and Sam Sommers

Winter 2001 - Various Subjects
Various Hosts

Fall 2000 - "Psychological Social Studies of Black American Race and Social Culture"
Hosted by Robert Sellers

Winter 2000 - "Current Faculty Research"
Hosted by Mary Guttman

Fall 1999 - "Groups: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Processes"
Hosted by Richard Gonzalez

Winter 1999 - "Situational Construction of Gender, Race, and Culture: Exploring the Possibilities"
Hosted by Jennifer Crocker

Fall 1998 - "Hedonic Psychology: Perspectives on Well-Being"
Hosted by Norbert Schwarz