University of Michigan Institute for Social Research

Fall 2012 Seminar Series / The Michigan Union - Pond Room (9/24 Wolverine Room)
Persuasion, Attitude and Behavior Change
Hosted by Sonya Dal Cin and Emily Falk

September 10, 2012
Sonya Dal Cin and Emily Falk
University of Michigan

Series Introduction

October 08, 2012
Dolores Albarracin
University of Illinois

The Social Regulation of Activity: Implicat ...

October 29, 2012
Jan De Houwer
Gent University, Belgium

Implicit Measures

November 19, 2012
Icek Ajzen
University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Theory of Planned Behavior, Ver.2.1 (Qu ...

September 17, 2012
Leaf Van Boven
University of Colorado Boulder

Perceptions of Political Polarization in Am ...

October 15, 2012


November 05, 2012
Jon A. Krosnick
Stanford University

What Americans Think About Climate Change: ...

November 26, 2012
Sara Konrath
University of Michigan

Dispositional Empathy and Responsiveness to ...

September 24, 2012
Norbert Schwarz
University of Michigan

Attitudes from the Actor's Perspective: Ev ...

October 22, 2012
Jonah Berger
University of Pennsylvania

What Drives Interpersonal Communication? V ...

November 12, 2012
Victor J. Strecher
University of Michigan

On Purpose: Possible Roles of Values and Pu ...

December 03, 2012
Susan E. Morgan
Purdue University

Good Stories and Tall Tales in the Media: W ...

October 01, 2012
Duane Wegener
Ohio State University

Attitude Strength and the Motivational Impa ...

The Group Dynamics Seminar series is considered one of the longest running seminar series in the social sciences. The original intent was for RCGD senior staff to meet together weekly to maintain an integrated theoretical approach to the various research projects underway and to advance theoretical thinking in several areas. Today the seminar series is open to the entire University community and continues to provide an opportunity for researchers, scholars, staff, and students to meet and learn about new theoretical developments as well as ongoing research activities.