Organized by Mary Rigdon and Yan Chen  
    Fall, 2006  
Opening Reception   Monday, Sept 11, 2006 Welcome and RCGD Announcements
Yan Chen University of Michigan Monday, Sept. 18, 2006 "Social Comparison and Contribution to Online Communities: A Field Experiment at MovieLens."
Tim Cason Professor of Economics and Dir, Vernon Smith Experimental Economics Laboratory                    Purdue University Monday, Sept 25, 2006 "Repeated Play and Communication in the Collective Resistance Game"
John List Professor, Dept. of Economics  The University of Chicago and NBER Monday, Oct 2, 2006 "The Economics of Open Air Markets"
Daniel Houser George Mason University Monday, Oct 9, 2006 "Punish In Public"
No Seminar   Monday, October 16th Break
Charles Holt The University of Virginia Monday, Oct 23, 2006 "Combinatorial Auctioneering"
Rachel T.A. Croson Assoc. Professor, The Wharton School  The University of Pennsylvania Monday, Oct 30, 2006            Co-Sponsored by EHAP "The Impact of Social Information on Public Goods Provision and Charitable Giving: Evidence From Field Experiments"  
Susan Laury Georgia State University Monday, Nov 6, 2006 "Insurance Purchase Behavior"
Tanya Rosenblat Wesleyan University Monday, Nov 13, 2006 "Strategic Altruism"
Daniel Benjamin Assistant Professor                 Dartmouth College Monday, Nov. 20, 2006        Co-Sponsored by EHAP "The Rational Voter, ThinlySliced: Personal Appeal as an Election Forecaster"
No Seminar   Monday, Nov 27, 2006 Thanksgiving Holiday Break
Robert Kurzban Asst Professor, Dept of Psychology          The University of Pennsylvania Monday, Dec 4, 2006              Co-Sponsored by EHAP Audience Effectsa on Moralistic Punishment
Paul J. Healy Tepper School of Business               Carnegie Mellon University Monday, Dec 11, 2006 "Comparing Prediction Market Mechanisms"