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June 3 - June 7, 2002

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Welcome to the home page of CLOC's Summer Workshop and Initial Data Release activities. Here you can find the summary and objectives of our 5-day conference, a list of the people who participated in the conference, and a schedule of week's activities. For more information, please contact the workshop coordinator, Becky Utz, at

Summary & Objectives: 

Prior to the public release of the CLOC data set, we invited researchers and scholars to gather for a five-day workshop where we would explore the psychological, social, and biological consequences of spousal bereavement among older adults. The objectives of this workshop were:

  1. To introduce workshop participants to the CLOC study, including the content and structure of the data set, as well as an overview of the research findings based on the data,
  2. To foster discussion and exchange of ideas on current research related to grief, bereavement, and aging couples, and
  3. To provide young scholars (and scholars new to the study of bereavement) the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other researchers of bereavement and old age.

During the morning sessions, renowned scholars led discussions related to late-life bereavement. During the afternoon sessions, participants conducted their own analyses using the CLOC data and had the opportunity to engage in one-on-one or small group discussions with the guest lecturers and CLOC research team members. All workshop participants received an early-release CD-ROM containing the CLOC data and documentation. 

The workshop was part of the 55th annual Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques. E-mail: or web-page:


Participant Information

Nearly forty scholars gathered in Ann Arbor from June 3-June 7th for the CLOC workshop. The background of participants was quite varied, with participants representing the disciplines of psychology, sociology, gerontology, nursing, psychiatry, family studies, anthropology, and epidemiology. Participants also ranged from advanced doctoral students to full professors to nonacademic researchers.

Allison Burton University of South Florida
Melissa Franks Wayne State University
Esme Fuller-Thomson University of Toronto, Canada
James Gillies University of Memphis
Cindy Grief University of Toronto, Canada
Jennifer Reid Keene University of Nevada Las Vegas
Nina Knoll Free University Berlin, Germany
Mary-Frances O'Connor University of Arizona
Donna Owen Texas Tech University
Amy Pienta University of Florida
Nina Rhee University of Michigan
Virginia Richardson Ohio State University
Marina Schmitt German Centre for Research on Ageing, Germany
Beverly Shipley

University College London, UK & McGill University, Canada

Corey Smith Johns Hopkins University
Charlie Stelle Texas Tech University
Wendy Wehage University of Akron
Kristi Williams The University of Chicago
Laura Wong CEDE PLAR, Brazil
Emmanuelle Zech University of Louvain, Belgium
Laura Zettel University of California Irvine



Toni Antonucci University of Michigan
George Bonanno Columbia University
Rich Gonzalez University of Michigan
Jim Lepkowski University of Michigan
Robert Neimeyer University of Memphis
Susan Nolen-Hoeksema University of Michigan
Margaret Stroebe Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Camille Wortman State University of New York, Stony Brook


The CLOC research team members from the University of Michigan also particpated and lectured during the 5-day workshop: Stephanie Brown, Debby Carr, Jung-hwa Ha, Dan Kruger, Randy Nesse, John Sonnega, Becky Utz, and Amiram Vinokur.



Workshop Activites and Resources:

The schedule below outlines the events of the 5-day workshop. For those of you who were unable to attend, we have provided audio files, power point slides, and other resources for many of the lectures and discussions that occurred during the workshop.


Registration, Breakfast

9:00-10:15 Introduction to the CLOC Study

Presenters: Randolph Nesse, Deborah Carr, Camille Wortman

download: audio file, study overview (from codebook)
Research Findings: Some of What We Have Already Learned From CLOC

Presenters: The CLOC Research Team: Deborah Carr, Rebecca Utz, Jung-hwa Ha, Stephanie Brown, Daniel Kruger, John Sonnega, Amiram Vinokur

Proposed Projects: Questions you Hope to Answer with CLOC

Presentations by workshop participants. Each participant had prepared a preliminary proposal before attending the workshop.

12:30- 1:30

Lunch (on your own)

Getting Started with the Data
Presenter: Rebecca Utz

download: audio file #1; audio file #2, condensed codebook

Technical Details of CLOC: Sample, Weights, & Imputations
Presenter: Jim Lepkowski

download: audio file, lecture notes


Independent data analysis; meetings with presenters


Welcome! Dinner Reception

download: pictures



  9:00-10:00 Variability in Response to the Loss of a Loved one: Cultural Understanding vs. Scientific Evidence
Presenter: Camille Wortman

download: audio file, lecture notes

  10:00-12:00 Loss and the Reconstruction of Meaning
Presenter: Robert Neimeyer
download: lecture notes

Lunch (on your own)

  1:30-5:00 Independent data analysis; meetings with presenters
  8:30-9:00 Breakfast
  9:00-10:30 Coping with Attachment in Bereavement: Toward Better Outcome Prediction?
Presenter: Margaret Stroebe

download: audio file, lecture notes

  10:45-12:15 Pathology and Resilience During Bereavement
Presenter: George Bonanno

download: audio file, lecture notes

  12:30-1:30 Lunch (on your own)
  1:30-5:00 Independent data analysis; meetings with presenters
  8:30-9:00 Breakfast
  9:00-10:30 Marriage, Loss, Social Support
Presenter: Toni Antonucci

download: audio file, lecture notes

  10:30-12:30 Strategies for Conducting Couple-Level Data Analysis
Presenter: Rich Gonzalez

download: audio file, lecture notes

  12:30-1:30 Lunch (on your own)
  1:30-5:00 Independent data analysis; meetings with presenters 
  8:30-9:00 Breakfast
  9:00-10:30 Stress and Coping in Bereavement
Presenter: Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

download: audio file, lecture notes

  10:45-11:15 What is Grief Good for?
Presenter: Randolph Nesse

download: audio file

11:15-1:00 Preliminary Findings: Presentations by Workshop Participants

download: audio file


Buffet Lunch


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