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Formed in 1999, a multi-disciplined team of researchers, led by Randolph Nesse, conducted the first analyses with the CLOC data and spent considerable time preparing the datasets for public release.  The CLOC research team members include:

George Bonnano
Stephanie Brown
Deborah Carr
Jung-hwa Ha
James House
Daniel Kruger
Randolph Nesse (PI)
John Sonnega
Rebecca Utz
Amiram Vinokur
Camille Wortman


After the workshop in June of 2002, several additional scholars have joined the CLOC research team. These associate members are also conducting research with the CLOC data:

Cindy Grief
Melissa Franks
Nina Knoll
Amy Pienta
Mary-Frances O'Connor
Jennifer Reid Keene
Virginia Richardson
Nina Rhee
Beverly Shipley
Charlie Stelle
Margaret Stroebe
Kristi Williams
Emmanuelle Zech


The CLOC data were originally collected in 1987-1994.  The four original investigators include:

Camille Wortman
James House
Ronald Kessler
James Lepkowski


University of Michigan - Institute for Social Research - Survey Research Center
Research Center for Group Dynamics - Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research