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This page outlines many of the analyses that use the CLOC data. While this list is fairly comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. Please contact the project lead for more information about a particular project (e-mail addresses are listed at the bottom of the page). If you would like to add a project to this webpage, please contact



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Survey Evidence of Clinical Wisdom: Special Occasions and Grief in the Elderly Widowed.
Project Lead: John Sonnega

Psychosocial Predictors of Spousal Mortality: Selection into Widowhood Status.
Project Lead: John Sonnega

Spousal Loss & Depression in the Elderly: CLOC study
Project Lead: John Sonnega, Randolph Nesse, James House, Rebecca Utz, & Deborah Carr

The process of Bereavement: An Analysis of Depression over Time
Project Lead: John Sonnega

The Economic Consequences of Late-Life Widowhood: Does Income Loss Impact Spousal Bereavement?
Project Lead: Rebecca Utz



Please contact individual authors to learn more about a specific project.

George Bonanno

Stephanie Brown

Kathy Carnelley

Debby Carr

Cindy Grief

Jung-hwa Ha

James House

Nina Knoll

Daniel Kruger

Randy Nesse

Mary-Francess O'Connor

Jennifer Reid Keene

Virgina Richardson

Nina Rhee

Beverly Shipley

John Sonnega

Charlie Stelle

Margaret Stroebe


Becky Utz

Amiram Vinokur

Kristi Williams

Camille Wortman

Emmanuelle Zech


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