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Deborah Carr, Randolph Nesse, and Camille B. Wortman (Eds.). 2005. Spousal Bereavement in Late Life. New York: Springer Publishing Company.


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The Changing Lives of Older Couples Study (CLOC) is a multi-wave prospective study of spousal bereavement, designed and carried out by a research team including Camille Wortman, Ron Kessler, Jim House and Jim Lepkowski. Data were gathered from a two-stage area probability sample of 1,532 elderly married men and women from the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Initial face-to-face interviews were conducted between June 1987 and April 1988. Follow-up interviews of bereaved spouses and controls were conducted at 6, 12 and 48 months after the loss, and continued until 1993.

While primarily a study of spousal bereavement, the dataset also includes a host of other psychosocial and biomedical variables. The combined dataset includes 1532 cases and over 3000 variables that cover every aspect of social, psychological, and physical functioning of older adults. The analysis and distribution of this data set is made possible by a grant from the National Institute on Aging to the University of Michigan (Randolph Nesse, PI). This website provides ready access to the data and codebooks as well as information on projects underway or completed. It is intended to encourage other researchers to make use of this remarkable resource.


Citation: This website and the availability of this data is made possible by Grant # AG15948-01 (Randolph M. Nesse, P.I.) from the National Institute on Aging. The original data collection for the CLOC study was supported by NIA Grants AG610757-01 (Camille B. Wortman, P.I.), and AG05561-01 (James S. House, P.I.).

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